Torch, Fall 1980

14 y beloved Bridegroom, The Times and the Seasons Pat Landers Dixon You have chosen me to be eternally yours. The promises of mutual and unfaltering love between us have been made and kept. Now, I eagerly await your return and our marriage. You told me that your coming for me is imminent and that you would return quickly. By your design and will, only you know the exact time. It is difficult, but I must be patient. How the days without you seem long- as thou– sands and thousands of years! I am waiting. Had it not been for these letters from you about your plans and desires for me, I would have lost all hope. Reading them seems to cleanse my mind and to direct my thoughts toward you more and more. I have my lamps lighted. The oil which you gave con– tinues to supply my lamps with more than enough energy to illuminate the dark recesses and to shine throughout to them who watch me. These lights signal that I am prepared to go out and meet you whenever you call. They have not dimmed; they bum day and night. I am looking. During your absence, I have suffered. I tried to fight the scoffers who battered my faith in your return for me. They came from without to defile, to defeat, and to divide my love for you. But they prevailed not; I was faithful. These trials only proved to perfect me: my triumph over them ITINERARIES PAUL DIXON, PRESIDENT October 6-8 Kansas State Fall Bible Conference, Lawrence, KS; 12 Holly Drive Baptist Church, Richardson, TX; 24-26 a.m. Ames Baptist Church, Ames, NY; November 7-8 Arizona State Fall Bible Conference, Phoenix, AZ.; 9 a.m. Valley of the Sun Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ.; 16 Calvary Baptist Church, Byesville, OH; 23 Mount Calvary Church, Elizabethtown, PA; December 7 a.m. Westridge Bap· list Church, Ft. Wayne, IN; 14 First Baptist Church, Eldora, IA; 27 In· formissions, Grand Rapids, MI. brings praise and gives honor to our endu ring relationship. When temptations came to deter me from my prepara– tion to meet you, I thought of all that you had suffered for my sake. This encourages me to work even harder and more faithfully at the tasks you left me to do. I do not want to be caught unprepared at your arrival. Hence, my beautiful bridal clothes adorn me. They are without spot and wrinkle; there is no blemish to distract your eye from their beauty. I am working. I am so eager to be yours. The expectant consumma– tion of our union excites my inner being. Anticipating all the joys of the wedding feast is only surpassed by the realization that I will be your bride by then. To attend that feast as your bride before all those witnesses in your house makes me most blessed. Their gazes will only reflect your beauty to me. I long to meet your father- to thank him for his sending you to me. Then, I can truly give praise, honor, and glory for all his doings. I shall have an eternity to live with you in your glorious home that you have prepared for us. I am longing. Thinking of that eternity with you makes me almost hear a voice shout, "Behold, the bridegroom cometh, go out to meet him." I am listening for that call. Until then, I reply, "Come quickly, Beloved One." Your awaiting Bride JAMES T. JEREMIAH, CHANCELLOR . October 5-8 Wheelersburg Baptist Church, Wheelersburg, OH; 12- 15 Shenandoah Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA; 17 HOMECOMING CHAPEL: Cedarville College; 19-22 Fellowship Baptist Church, Upper Marlboro, MD; 26-29 Springville Baptist Church, Springville, PA; November 9-12 Baptist Mid-Missions, First Baptist Church, Ham· burg, NY: 16-19 River Ridge Union Church, Lockport, NY; 21- 23 PROPHECY CONFERENCE: Grace Baptist Church, Newfane, NY; West Somerset Baptist Church, Appleton, NY; Ridge Road Union Church. Lockport, NY; 30-December 3 Stony Point Baptist Church, Kansas City, KS; Harrisburg Union Church, Connersville, IN.