Torch, Fall 1984

Cantpus News Cedarville MISers Return T his summer nearly I00 young people from the college participated in MIS (Missionary Internship Service) experiences . Highlights of their mini stries included over 30 decisions for Christ in Brazil , 87 concerts in 32 days by the team to Australia who saw 10 people come to Christ, and 60 Chinese Bibles and 300 bilingual Gospels of John distributed by the China team. A basketball team was sent to the Philippines and the soccer team served in the Ivory Coast, Africa. Both teams were successful in their competition. Most importantly , they saw souls reached for Christ. The Quebec team traveled more than 3000 miles in two weeks of ministry and the Scotland group conducted backyard Bible clubs and went "door knocking" for Christ. Growth at Cedarville College A dmissions director David Ormsbee has reported that Cedarville College will likely be blessed with its sixth consecutive record enrollment this fall. He based his prediction upon two factors: a record number of applications, up 5% from last year, and an increased number of room deposits . "Predicting exact enrollment figures is not a science ," he noted. "This is because there are so many factors that can affect whether a student actually matriculates: finances, health, family situations , work opportunities , etc." The records indicate that since 1978 Cedarville has 14 Two Israel Tours D r. and Mrs . James T. Jeremiah will lead two Holy Land tours during 1985 . Having led tours for the past twelve years, they have a wealth of experience to share with friends who join them for such an unforgettable experience . "From Dan to Beersheba" describes the April 22- May 5 tour. This two-week experience will expose the tourist to the major cities of Israel , from one end of the country to the other. The second tour will involve one week in Israel , two days in Egypt , and a Mediterranean cruise to a number of the areas of Paul ' s missionary journeys . This tour , August 9-23 , will be an unusual opportunity to visit a variety of places in the Bible world . For information on either tour , please contact: Dr. James T . Jeremiah , Chancellor Cedarville College P .O . Box 601 Cedarville , OH 45314 513-766-2211 grown from 1185 students to 1793 last year, or an increase of 608. During the last six years , 31 faculty have been added and seven new major fields of study initiated . In addition , several new dormitories and a new Athletic Center have been constructed . Will Cedarville continue to grow? "Yes ," says Dr. Martin Clark , vice president for development. "But we plan for the rate of growth to be slower. Cedarville College is healthy because we have experienced God ' s blessings. Our growth will continue to be controlled to ensure that we maintain the quality for which Cedarville is known."