Torch, Fall 1984

Is Your Will Up-To-Date? Over the years various changes occur which may undermine the effective– ness of your will . For instance , there may be (1) a change in makeup of the family , (2) a material change in the nature or amount of the family's assets, (3) a change in applicable state or federal law, or ( 4) a change in a property owner's priorities . Any such change should be a signal to review and, if nec– essary, to revise your will - to keep it up-to-date. Mr. Robert C. Auckland Director of Planned Giving (1) Change in the Family. Changes in the makeup of the family are among the most easily recognized signals of the need for review. For example, changes in the will may be needed when a family member is married or divorced, when a child - especially a couple's first child - is born, or when a family member dies. Mr. and Mrs . A, for instance, had no children. When Mr. A died, he left Cedarville College a modest-sized gift under his will; however, most of his property passed outright to his wife . Mrs. A knows that her husband wanted to leave the College a larger bequest, and she also knows that he did not do so out of concern for her security. Therefore, in order to carry out his wishes, Mrs. A has changed her will to include a sizeable gift to Cedarville College. (2) Change in Assets. This might be either sudden or gradual. (3) Change in the Law. With careful planning, it is possible to make optimum use of the unified credit. (4) Change in Priorities. Sometimes changes in priorities involve gifts to Cedarville College. For example, Miss E had developed a growing interest in the College, and several years ago she included Cedar– ville in her will for the first time . The College was to get a modest-sized bequest. Later she revised her will and increased the size of the gift, primarily to capitalize - and thereby to perpetuate - the annual gift she was making to Cedarville. Conclusion A wide variety of changes can signal the need to review your will; as soon as these changes are recognized, you should consult your attorney to see if revision of the will is necessary. Keeping your will up-to-date is important to all your beneficiaries. When reviewing your will, please remember that gifts under wills are sure to be an important source of Cedar– ville College's future financial support . We will appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you any plans that you may have for a gift to the College and the wide variety of purposes that such a gift can serve. Return the coupon below for your personal copy of "Giving Through Your Will." It is available without cost or obligation. D Please send brochure "Giving Through Your Will ." D I/We have already remembered Cedarville College in my/our will. Clip and mail today to: Mr. Robert C. Auckland Director of Planned Giving Cedarville College P.O. Box 601 Cedarville, OH 45314 15