Torch, Fall 1984

1984 Itineraries Dr. Paul Dixon, President October 2 Southwest Ohio Pastors' Fellowship , Grace Baptist Church Cedarville, OH • October 7-10 Cedar Hill Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH • October 13 Indiana State Youth Rally , Blackhawk Baptist Church, Ft. Wayne, IN • October 24 First Baptist Church , Gallipolis, OH • October 27 Northend Youth Fellowship, Grand Rapids, MI • Octo– ber 28 Northland Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI • October 29-30 Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches Annual Conference, Northland Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI • November I Associa– tion of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges Annual Conference, Chicago, IL • November 1-3 Missions Interface, Grand Rapids Baptist College and Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI • November 3,4 Grand Avenue Baptist Church, Fairborn, OH • November 21 Bethany Fellow– ship , Bethel Baptist Church, Jamestown, NY • November 28-Decem– ber 2 Heritage Baptist Church, Lakeland, FL • December 9 Bethesda Baptist Church, Brownsburg, IN • January 6 Calvary Baptist Church, Delaware, OH • Dec. J 3 a. m. Addyston Baptist Church, Addyston, OH • January 17-19 Association of Christian Schools International Adminis– trators' Conference, Lancaster, PA • January 27 Calvary Baptist Church, Bellefontaine, OH Dr. James T. Jeremiah, Chancellor September JO-October 3 First Baptist Church , Brunswick, OH • October 14 Bible Baptist Church , Naperville, IL • October 29-31 Cedarville College Chapel , Cedarville, OH • November 11 Sahuaro Baptist Church, Tucson, AZ • November 28 Christian Heritage College Chapel , El Cajon, CA • November 28 Scott Memorial Baptist Church , El Cajon, CA Dr. Hugh Hall, Director ofChurch Relations October 1-2 Ill-MO State G.A.R.B.C. Meeting , First Baptist Church, Sil– vis, IL • October 7 !25th Anniversary of First Baptist Church , Elkhart, IN • October 9 Church-Pastor Finance Seminar, Cedarville College, Cedarville, OH • October 15-17 Ohio State G.A.R.B.C. Meeting, First Baptist Church , Niles, OH • October 28-31 First Baptist Church , Middleville, MI • October 29.30 Michigan State G.A.R.B.C. Meeting, Northland Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI • November 4-7 First Baptist Church , Princeton, IN • November 11-14 Calvary Baptist Church, Plainfield, IN Dr. Don Moffat, Special Representative September 30-0ctober4 Grace Baptist Church, Harlan, IA • October 7- 10 Eastbrook Baptist Church , Reynoldsburg, OH • October 14 High– view Avenue Baptist Church. Akron, OH • October 15-17 0.A. R.B.C. Conference, First Baptist Church , Niles, OH • October 21-24 Memorial Baptist Church , Verona, WI • November. December Dr. Moffat will be ministering in churches in Florida. The Cedarville College TORCH is published quarterly for the alumni and friends of Cedarville College. Com– ments and requests for reprints should be directed to: Ron Coriell TORCH Managing Editor Cedarville College Box 601 Cedarville , Ohio 45314 Editor Martin E. Clark Managing Editor Ron Coriell Associate Editors Harmon Bergen Irene Gidley Graphics and Photography Martha Baldwin Sue Larson Sheryl Liddle 2 TORCH Vol. 7 No. 3 Fall Issue, 1984 Published by: Cedarville College Box 601 Cedarville, Oh 45314 Dr. Paul Dixon, President NO PAID SUBSCRIPTION Contents: Saints and Stress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 by Dr. Stanley N. Ballard Most of us are familiar with rhe Bible stories taught us over rhe years in Sunday school. We remember rhe courage andfairh of mighry men and women of God and rhe failings of others. Dr. Ballard derails rhe srresses suffered by rhreefamous biblical characrers and how rhey responded. He rhen helps us ro learn from Their example. Family Stress ...................... 6 by Dr. Paul D. Entner "So, wharever happened ro rhe typical, nice, tranquil American family?" asks this psychologisr. Today's stressors are shaping our life sryles, and people are reeling under rhe pressure. Dr. Entner offers advice to help dis– rressedfamily ships wearher rhe rough seas ofsrress. Reducing Stress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 by Dr. Charles D. Dolph Today, srress reducrion techniques are rhe subjecr of numerous books and magazine arric/es . While the believer can learn rhese Techniques readily, only Through the Scriprures can he gain perspecrive for making sense ofhis life. Dr. Dolph focuses on rhe life ofrhe Aposrle Paul and ourlines a bibli– cal framework for coping wirh srress. Hitting the Haystack . . . by Dr. Pamela S. Diehl 10 Although Dr. Diehl begins her article 1virh a clever joke, she clearly be– lieves rhar srress is no laughing marrer. Rather, srress can be an opporru– niry for growrh when experienced in the appropriate amounrs and re– sponded ro wirh whar she describes as "active managemenr Techniques ." Burnout in Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 by Dr. Karol Hunt Called "rhe indusrrial disease o/rhe decade." humour ajjlicrs profession– als in all occuparions. And Chrisfians are nor exempr. Dr. Hunf explores rhe causes of burnout and irs ejjecrs upon the victim and orhers. She then offers nine pracrica/ suggesrions Toward resrorarion ofejjiciencyfor over– stressed leaders. Departments: President's Perspective Campus News ..... . . 3 14