Torch, Fall 1988

We'r in th Bu ine AndW N of Changing ives like Lana's. d 811 iness Partn rs. T o read of the changes in Lana' s life from her Cedarville experiences reaffirms our purpose. Cedarville college offers more than education. We make it our business to help students like Lana prepare themselves to live the rest of their lives and to equip them for both the pulpit and the pew. Such a task demands quality. If we do not provide such quality, our students will pay a higher price once they leave Cedarville. Even higher is the price the cause of Christ will pay. Our students must be both com– petent professionals and committed Christians. Fortunately, we are not in this business alone. Many stand with us to help assure quality and to be business partners in this business of changing lives. Each one is making a difference through the Annual Fund. Yet, more partners are needed. Quality is costly. However, our partners, through the Annual Fund, help to: e furnish resources like computers and library books; • maintain our facilities; e provide and recognize competent faculty and staff; e assist many with student aid; and e provide such activities as residence hall and Christian minis– try programs, and chapel services. These areas mark the critical difference between mediocrity and quality. Our business partners assure a high quality experience for our students. By investing in our students through the Annual Fund, you can underwrite quality. In the broadest sense, you can influence every part of a student's education; you can make a difference. You may wish to take advantage of such Annual Fund opportunities as the Torch Club, Charter Society, or President's Associates. By whichever means, become a business partner today, and have a part in changing the lives of students like Lana. ------ - ----- I want to invest in the students of Cedarville College and have a part in changing their lives. Enclosed is Please send me more information about: D Torch Club D Charter Society D President's Associates The Annual Fund of Cedarville College AddressPhone ___________________________ !vlaking a D~ff"erence City/State/ZIP___________________________