Torch, Fall 1988

G eorge Bush or Michael Dukakis? Who will be our leader as President of the United States for the next four years? The campaign for national leadership has begun, and it will be our privilege to participate in the decision when we vote in November. Leadership is important to our country. It is also important to our churches, to our colleges, to our compa– nies, to our families, and to each of us individually. This issue of Cedarville TORCH magazine focuses on this relevant isssue, and I believe it will bring profit to all who read it. In the following pages several national leaders are asked questions and respond accordingly. At Cedarville College we are committed to developing leaders for the cause of Christ as we move into the twenty– first century. Should our Lord tarry His corning, the opportunities will be great and the responsibilities will be great as we face a rapidly changing world that needs our Savior. To fulfill our mission we are preparing leaders for the pulpit and the pew. There must be those pastors, missionaries, and evangel– ists who know their Lord, know their Bibles, and know their times. Truth does not change, but culture and methods do. We need leaders who know how to preach, know how to live, know how to think, and know how to lead. The church is also a place for godly lay people who understand that they are not second class citizens, but rather are an important part of our Lord's kingdom. They WHO WILL BE OUR LEADER? by Dr. Paul Dixon President, Cedarville College lead for Him as teachers, as deacons, as trustees, and in may other capacities in our local churches. They lead in factories , in the offices, in the classrooms, in the hospitals, in the courtrooms, in government, and in every workplace throughout society. Most important is their opportunity to lead and to build godly families. Praise God for our com– mitted lay people who are making an impact on their world for Christ. The model leader for the believer is Jesus Christ, the greatest leader of all. Ted Engstrom says that the one characteristic of all leaders is the ability to make things happen. That describes our Lord. He not only made things happen, He continues to have the greatest impact as a leader on the world today. In his opening paragraph in Leadership, Greatness, and Servanthood, Philip Greenslade states, "Jesus must be the first word in this book. He is the leader of the leaders, Lord of lords, King of kings." Christ truly understood and taught that to be a leader is to be a servant. He is the impeccable example of what J. Oswald Sanders taught: "True greatness, true leader– ship, is achieved, not by reducing men to one's service, but in giving oneself in selfless service to them." Jesus Christ gave Himself for us as He died on the cross in our behalf. The believer who would lead like Christ realizes we are all "full-time servants." May I ask you a question? Is this Jesus Christ who died for your sins and arose again from the dead your Savior - your leader? Just as we must decide in the November election on a president to lead us , I would chal– lenge you today to decide for Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord by the grace of God. 3