Torch, Fall 1992

How Can I Soar With The Eagles WllEN I II WITll TllE by Dr. David Robey 1 his popular bumper sticker cleverly but truthfully identifies the feelings of those people who find their world of work made more difficult by the people with whom they work. The desire to be a productive and satisfied employee is challenged if not defeated by conflict with other employees . Even though interpersonal conflict appears in all areas of life, it may be most troubling to the Christian who experiences conflict with non– Christians in an employment situation. Conflict will bring feelings of anger and resentment or, even worse, may harden the Christian's heart to the point of indifference. The question then is, "How can I honor the Lord and do a good job as an employee when I have to work with such difficult people?" While some Christians seek to solve the problem by avoiding it, the only way to triumph over the discouragement of interpersonal conflict is to address it. Conflict Is Real Conflict between individuals is common in our world. The daily news clearly attests to personality conflicts in governments, businesses, and homes. Interpersonal conflict has been a part of life since Adam and Eve failed each other and God in the Garden. The Bible chronicles 10 Torch