Torch, Spring-Summer 1999

I ... Student Life Center Construction Underway C onstruction has begun on the new 148,000 square foot Student Life Center with completion scheduled for the summer of 2000. This facility will provide space for a variety of student needs, including the dining hall, post office, bookstore, snack shop, career services center, lounges, and numerous other student-centered offices. It will also include a fully-equipped theater to suppo1t the college drama program and help prepare students for an impact for Christ in the arts. This c1itically-needed facility is the focus of Cedar-ville' s capital campaign. New Dorm Nears Completion C edarville College will open a new 250-bed student dormitory complex in the fall of 1999. Located north of the Athletic Center and next to Brock Hall, the new building will have two residence wings adjoined by a conference center-a floor plan similar to the McKinney-McChesney-Miter complex. The 1998-99 budget for Cedarville College was incorrectly reported in the Annual Report. The budget for 1998-99 is $38,956,616.