Torch, Spring 1978

3 THIS premier edition of theCedarvilleCollege Torch is designed to begin an effectiveministry in your life. In the monthsand years ahead your relationshipwithChrist can be strengthened and developed by the Biblical articles and information which will be provided for you. The topic presented in this first issue is an extension of the positionwhich CedarvilleCollegemaintains in the educational world. At Cedarville, the inspiration, inerrancy and authority of the Word of God form the foundation for the instruction of dedicated young men and women. The Bible is the central textbook of the College. As you benefit from this new form of communication, you will come to understand, perhaps for the first time, the value of Christian higher education. You will also learn that many opportunities exist for those who arewilling to help Pass The Torch to ageneration of future leaders for the church of Jesus Christ our Lord.