Torch, Spring 1978

aster's Puppets, a student vice team will be travel– ville College during the ation. The team has a uniquewayof attractingattention and acting-out Biblical messages which present the plan of salvation. Campus Pastor Harold Green ex– plained, "Our audiences are con– ditioned to like this type of presenta– tion. Television has made The Mup– pets one of the most popular programs for children and adults. People are addicted to them." This spring, many stude active in Christ-honoring In addition to the puppe Swordbearer teams will be touring Michigan. Other springministrieswill include an evangelistic teamworking with a church in Washington, D.C. and a beach evangelism team travel– ing to Florida. FREEDOM FUNDS "This grant has been approved by our directors on the assumption that your college is fully accredited and continues its past policy of building and operatingwithout or federal funds or s of any kind .. ." This declaration accom– panied a check for ten thousand dol– lars from theAndersen Foundation of Bayport, Minnesota. A grant of ten thousand five hundred dollars has also b~en received from the Master Chemical Company of Perrysburg, Ohio. Both of these organizations place a high value upon the free enterprise system and appreciateCedarvilleCol– lege's policyof not acceptinggovern– ment assistance.