Torch, Spring 1979

CEDARVILLE COLLEGE A non-profit educational institution of Cedarville,Ohio, offers $600,000 in subordinated, debenture bonds series E. Denominations: $250, $500, $1,000 & $5.000. Maturities: July 1, 1980 through July 1, 1993. r------- - ---------------~ THIS OFFERING IS MADE BY PROSPECTUS ONLY ~-----------------------~ 15 chapel cass tte cl~- BEST CHAPEL MESSAGES-DIRECT TO YOU ON CASSETTE TAPE RECORDINGS We want to share the dynamic ministry of the college chapel hour with you. Each weekday pastors, missionaries, Bible Conference speakers and laymen present fascinating insights from God's Word to our stu– dents and radio audience. The exciting response of our radio audience has prompted us to expand this ministry through the Chapel Cassette Club. Each month the two best chapel messages will be selected, duplicated on cassette tape and mailed to you postpaid. The cost for 12 tapes-24 messages including postage- is just $35.00. You may pay in one or two installments. D Enclosed is the entire annual subscription amount of $35.00 D Enclosed is the first installment ($17.50) of the annualsubscription. (I will be billed later for the second installment of $17.50) Name _ _________________ _ Address City - - - ----------------- State Mail to: Christian Education Publications, Box 601, . Cedarville, OH 45314 Zip ____ _ _