Torch, Spring 1979

2 CONTENTS "... WHEREOF WE ARE WITNESSES" 3 DR. PAUL DIXON THE RESURRECTION AND SALVATION 4 RICHARD T. MCINTOSH THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION 6 JAMES T. JEREMIAH CEDARVIUE IN THE SPRINGTIME 8 FAR BETTER 10 JOSEPH M. STOWELL I HAVE SEEN THE LORDI 13 REBECCA BAKER THE TIMES AND THE SEASONS 14 PAT LANDERS DIXON Front Cover The lily has long been symbolic of the Easter season. This beautiful stained glass window reminds those who see it of the resurrection of our Lord. (photo by Steve Kel– ler) Back Cover Ezekiel 43:4 speaks about our Lord's second coming, describing how He will come to the temple through the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem. (photo by Lee Turner)