Torch, Spring 1980

14 The Times and the Seasons Pat Landers Dixon here is the Tuesday entry in the diarywritten in a fading script. How long has it been there? I cannot remember. This same missions' prayer list has been in that diary for everyTuesday since Iwas fourteen .At that time, I do specifically recall my arranging the prayer requests into general categories for particular days: Monday, unsaved; Tuesday, missions, etc. Brazil was the first foreign mission field presented to me as a young child. I think the missionaries' beautiful flower pictures captured my attention. From that time, though, an awareness of missions was kindled. My young heart was interested, burdened, and available to missions. .What if I had continued exploring missions as my life's career? Would my parents have been supportive? On the other hand, what if my son tells me he is going to be a missionary? Children experience several "I am going to be ..." stages while growing up. Parents make a serious mistake when they scoff at their young child's sharing, "Mommy and Daddy, I am going to be a missionary." Silence, too, can say much to that eight- or eleven-year-old. Listen to him when he shares this more-than-likely enthusiastic announcement. A simple "uh huh" just will not suffice. There must be an active participation with the child and his career interest. Examine your own heart. That first announcement may be an early indication of God's choosing your child Dr. James T. Jeremiah, Aprll 10·12 Northeast Regular Baptist Fel– lowship of Churches, Manchester, CT; 13-16 Calvary Baptist Church, Windsor Locks, CT; 20-23 Highview Avenue Baptist Church, Akron, OH; 27-30 Memorial Baptist Church, Columbus, OH; May 2 HONORS DAY, Cedarville College; 4-7 Panama Baptist Church, Panama, NY; 9 Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, PA (Baccalaureate service); 11 Heritage Baptist Church, Clarks Summit, PA; 23-25 Calvary Baptist Church, Lancaster, OH; 30 Capitol City Christian Schools, Lansing, MI (Commencement); June 15-18 Independent Baptist Church, Blairsville, PA; 22 Bethel Baptist Church, Erie, PA; 23-27 GARBC CONFER– ENCE, San Diego, CA; June 28 - July 5 HAWAII TOUR (Cedarville College Tour). for foreign service. Can you let him or her go? Can you let go of your personal desires for your child? The first lesson a child learns about a submissive, unselfish, and serving spirit toward God comes from the parent. A successful parent-child-God relationship is one in which the parent realizes that God in His wisdom and benevolence has placed the child into His care temporarily. The gift is eventually returned to the lender. Explore missions together. Learn about different fields of service. Begin to read books and magazines about missionaries and mission fields . Direct the child's attention to those books which he can read. The missionary statesman of past and present can teach both you and the child through their experiences found in books. Mission boards should be points of interest in these early explorations, too. Perhaps an actual visit to the board or to a mission field might be possible. More than likely the initial and continual contact with missions will come through the attendance of conferences in your church. Encourage your son or daughter as he or she matures in this mission interest. Begin to pray for your child daily. Sharing mutual prayer requests and praying together can make this communion a most enjoyed and remembered one. Verbalize to him your thankfulness to God for His choosing your son or daughter for this biblical ambassadorship to the world. Dr. Paul Dixon, Aprll 13 Walnut Ridge Baptist Church,Waterloo, IA; 20 Grace Brethren, Westerville, OH; 27 Canton Baptist Temple, Canton, OH; May 11 Tri-CountyBaptist, Cincinnati, OH; 17 Ohio State Youth Rally, Cedarville, OH; 18 Akron Baptist Temple, Akron, OH; 25 a.m. Lynnwood Baptist, Seattle, WA; p.m. Temple Baptist, Tacoma, WA; 29 Bethel Baptist Church, Erie, PA (Commencement); 30 Lower Bucks Christian Academy, Levittown, PA (Commencement); June 5 Calvary Christian School, Covington, KY (Commencement); 7 Cedar– ville College Commencement; 22 Immanuel Baptist, San Diego, CA; 23-27 GARBC CONFERENCE, San Diego, CA; June 28-July 5 HAWAII TOUR (Cedarville College Tour).