Torch, Spring 2002

Campus of Prayer O ne of the traditions of Cedarville University is the Fall Quarter Day of Prayer. This year’s October 31 prayer services were especially meaningful, considering the many burdens on people’s hearts following the terrorist attacks. The day was packed with opportunities to grow near to God through intercession. The events began with a Concert of Prayer involving student-led worship intermingled with ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) prayers. More prayer ensued in the extended chapel hour, followed by a message from Reese Kauffman, president of Child Evangelism Fellowship®. Kauffman challenged listeners to pursue a focused, persistent prayer life. Throughout the day, the University family gathered in special-focus prayer groups which included “In Prayer with the Psalms,” “Using Scripture to Guide our Prayer,” “Praying for our Nation, our President, his Advisors, and the Military,” and “Practicing the ACTS of Prayer.” The theatre was also open for private, silent prayer time. Spring 2002 / TORCH 19 T he annual fund is a great way to invest in students, for it bridges the gap between what each student pays and what it truly costs Cedarville to provide an education. Cedarville University offers four giving programs for those who want to invest in Cedarville students: Torch Club: $120 per year Charter Society: $500 per year President’s Associates: $1000 per year Chairman’s Council: $5000 per year Each program encourages an annual commitment to be given in whatever manner is convenient for the giver. The Torch Club is set up to encourage gifts of $10 each month, and the others are set up as annual gifts to be given on whatever schedule is most convenient. Friends can even give via Cedarville’s electronic funds transfer program, called MaxIm. To inquire about the annual fund giving programs, contact Jeff Brock at 1-800-766-1115 or . You may also find out more by visiting and clicking on “Financial Partners.” Annual Fund Annual Fund G iving P rograms Political Reporter Fred Barnes Speaks at Cedarville University P olitical reporter and columnist Fred Barnes spoke about the importance of worldview to journalists and media professionals while at Cedarville University recently. He told a group of Cedarville students, faculty, and staff members that the journalism profession is “crying for journalists with Christian values and principles.” Barnes, a fixture on Fox News as one of “The Beltway Boys,” also spoke about the changes in the tenor of political discussions as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11. Barnes has appeared on “Meet the Press,” “Nightline,” and “Face the Nation.” He also serves as editor of The Weekly Standard , a conservative opinion magazine. Barnes’ visit to the campus was sponsored by the Miriam Maddox Forum, a communication arts alumni society that fosters the development of Christian communicators in the public arena. Forum Responds to Terrorism A Community Forum: Responding to Terrorism, held on October 30, gave listeners a view into the heart and mind of terrorism. Guest speakers Dr. Jim Malarkey, Rev. Dick Bailey, and Dr. James Bjornstad explored the origins of Middle Eastern terrorism and its political, cultural, and religious roots. They also developed a model for responding to terrorism and our neighbors of Middle Eastern origin. Malarkey specializes in social, cultural, and historical anthropology and Middle East studies. He is chair of humanities and general education of the undergraduate program at Antioch University McGregor school. Bailey, a missionary with Christar, lived in Pakistan for 13 years and has conducted an outreach program to Pakistanis in the New York metropolitan area for the last 20 years. Bjornstad, professor of philosophy at Cedarville University, specializes in world religions and has written many books on the subject. He teaches “Religion and Culture” and “Current Religious Movements” at the University. The event was sponsored by the Cedarville University PEACE Project and was moderated by Dr. Chris Miller, Cedarville University Bible department chair.