Torch, Summer 1979

14 The Times and the Seasons Pat Landers Dixon A gifted teacher, a capable writer ofSunday school material and a perceptive observer of children-these words aptly describe Miss Jean Fisher. We talked recently about children and their questions about God and His creation . She gave practical, biblical insights which I would like to share with you readers. TORCH: How early should one begin to teach children biblical principles in relation to science? MISS FISHER: I would say from the parents' earliest discussion with the child, depending on his level of comprehension. To the infant in the crib, a mother could say, "God made the beautiful colors in this mobile and gave you these soft toys." Even, "God made your eyes, your pretty nose." TORCH: What are the usual questions about God's creation? MISS FISHER: First, "what-type" questions. Toddlers are in the process of identifying things. Then comes, "Why?" One little girl asked, "Why can birds sit on telephone wires and not fall off?" Small children are developing a world view. Educators have studied the fact that questions are a basic developmental task. They need to make sense of their world. The child is forming either a biblical or a secular view of the world. Books for Parents and Children: Beers, V Gilbert. Cats andBats and Things Like That. Moody Press. Devine, Bob. God In Creation Series. Moody Press. (9·13 yrs.) Fergus, Meryl. Discovering In God's World. G/ I. Regal Venture Books. (5· 7 yrs.) ___ God's Gifts. Plastic Book Series. C.R. Gibson Co. (1-4 yrs.) Hefley, James C. Textbooks on Tdal; \Jictor Books. (for parents). Hinds, Ruth M. A Tiny Thouglits Book. Scripture Press. (2-5 yrs. ) TORCH: What should a parent do if he cannot answer these "what and why" questions? MISS FISHER: Oh, don't be afraid to admit you don't . know. Say, ''I'll look it up or we'll find out." Sometimes, you may simply have to say, "There are some things we can't understand because God doesn't tell us in His Word." Pat, I think it's important that parents teach the child that he doesn't live in the perfect world created for Adam and Eve. This could be a prime time to teach man's depravity: man lives in a world cursed because of his sin. Had God left man in Paradise, he would not have seen his need for Him. Man would have considered himself self-sufficient, ". . . cursed is the ground for thy sake . .."; (Genesis 3: 17). There is a positive aspect to this curse: we do need God. TORCH: Could you recommend any passage of Scripture which parents could use In teaching a biblical view of God the Creator? MISS FISHER: The early portions of Genesis, Joseph's experience with plenty and famine which shows God is in · control of this world, Christ's miracles, and Colossians 1:15-19 can all teach God the Creator and His control over nature. Psalm 104 would be perfect to read in praising God for His creation. TORCH: Let's move from the home to the school. How can a parent be informed about his child's science textbook and its teaching on creation? MISS FISHER:Ask to see the textbook, even if the child is not bringing it home. Be involved with P.T.A, visit during open house, talk to the teacher about his or her approach to any particular concept. Always make it a point to discuss with the child what he . learned in school that day.Aperfect time to do this is at the dinner table. Immediately, you should correct non-biblical teaching with biblical truth. The book Textbooks on Trial may aid the parent about what more he could do. Parents, stop and examine your attitudes toward God's creation. Do you gripe about the rain? Do you show disrespect to the environment? These negative behaviors teach. Use up the opportunities to show the child that you acknowledge God the Creator, that you thank Him for His creation, and then accept the responsibilities to care for His creation. Morton, Joan Sloat Science In the Bible. Moody Press. (for parents) Nevin, Thelma. Little Glad Books. Scripture Press. (12-14 Months) Oviatt, Patricia C. How to Know the Truth about Creation. Regular Baptist Press. (7-9 yrs.) Rainbow Books. Baker Book House. (9-11 yrs.) Russell, Solveig. This Home for Me. Broadman Press (4·7 yrs.) Teichman, Dorothy. Omnge Juice for T eny. Broadman Press. (4·7 yrs.)