Torch, Summer 1980

2 VERA HARVEY (continuedtromPage 1; After graduating from Cedarville College, Vera Andrew earned a second B.A. degree from Mather College of Western Reserve University, and a master's degree in English from Columbia University. In 1916, she joined the faculty of Marshall College in West Virgin ia, but left in 1922 to become the wife of John Speed Harvey, a civil engineer. Of her stu– dents and the years she spent teaching at Marshall, she has said :" . .. they were all so willing and eager to learn. I wanted to give them as much as possible." Her learning and teaching career was rooted in a strong classical education, of which she is proud, and this classical influence is reflected in her poetry. Yet, Mrs. Harvey's various public activities throughout the years also illustrate her keen interest in current life and events in the modern world. During World War I she sold War Bonds, and for 22 years served as executive director of the West Virginia Cancer Society. From 1925-27 she was president of the Women 's Club of Huntington, of which she has been a member for 61 years. As Poet Laureate of the West Virg inia State Federation of Women's Clubs since 1946 (she hasn't missed its annual convention for 22 years!) , she is recognized as one of the state's most esteemed women . In 1962 she was appointed by the West Virginia governor's Centennial Commis– sion as Chairman of a Centennial Poetry Committee in obser– vance of the state's 1OOth birthday. Touching the Stars, a collection of 51 of Mrs. Harvey's poems, was published by Banner Press, Emory University, Georgia, in 1954. She has also written two historical dramas and looks forward to soon publishing a second book of verse. In October 1977, she returned to Cedarville College for the Heritage Alumni Reunion and presented a poetic composition reflecting upon Cedarville's history and her eighty years of experience with the college. Now 95, she lives with one companion, Blossom, a golden German Shepherd. Almost totally blind, she remains alert to the world around her by reading Talking Books and listening to television. Two Marshall University graduates, Sharon and Mike, are among those who help her with her business affairs, correspondence, recording her compositions and other writings, shopping , and travel. An example of continuing wisdom, activity, and mental energy, she still follows the same advice on living she took to heart years ago: " Do the best you can with what you have where you are" (Theodore Roosevelt) . The TORCH / AVISO is grateful to The Press-Observer, Fort Gay, West Virginia , for the use of information in their publication of January 14, 1980. In Forum " Politics and Christian Involvement" was the theme of this year's annual In-Forum held at Cedarville College during the week of April 14. The meetings featured State Senator James Butcher of Indiana; State Senator "Buz" Lukens of Ohio; State Senator Ray Taylor of Iowa; John Dellenback, President of the Christian College Coalition; and Dr. Allen Monroe, professor of political science at the college. The goal was to broaden and deepen student knowledge of the political arena and current governmental concerns, and to arouse an interest that will be backed up by personal action. Topics included : " Your Responsibilities: Salt or Leaven"; " Constitutional Liberties vs. Humanism"; "Is there Cause for Christians to Form a Separate Political Party?"; "Should Chris– tians Be Involved in Politics? " ; "How do We Integrate Biblical Perspectives into Politics?"; and "Wake Up America." On Friday morning , Dr. Monroe concluded the conference with "Paul 's View of the State." Sponsored by Student Senate, the program emphasizes a specific discipline each year and seeks to provide a variety of current perspectives for student evaluation and understanding within a biblical framework . Past topics have been Apologetics with Victor Matthews, and Psychology with Jay Adams, Lawrence Cobb, and Gary Collins. Cassette tapes of the various messages can be obtained by writing to Christian Education Publications, Cedarville College, P. 0 . Box 601, Cedarville, Ohio 45314. Alumnae Coach Wins Honor Maryalyce Jeremiah ('65) in her second year as Head Mentor of the University of Dayton Women's Basketball Team coached her lady athletes to the National Championship in the small college division of the AIAW. The accompanying picture was taken after the impres– sive 83-53 trouncing of the college of Charleston , South Carolina. Dr . Jeremiah recen t ly accepted the position of Head Coach of the Indiana Univer– sity Women's Basketball Pro– gram. Maryalyce received several individual coaching honors which are discussed in the Times and Seasons' article in this Torch issue.