Torch, Summer 1981

I r l Family That Studies T gether Stays Together They're a musical family! Lester Price, center, wanted a musical career and followed his son, David, center standing, into music study at Cedarville College. Others are Mrs. Price, a secretary studying voice; Dean, left, a trombonist at Cedar Cliff High School; and Dan, right, a sophomore music major. Renovation of Buildings o, this is not the maintenance garage. It is the old Gym/Student Center in the midst of renovation this summer. When students return for fall quarter, a new cafeteria will be in place where the tractor appears in the picture. There will be carpeting, three serving lines, and seating for 800 people. M any sons follow in their father's footsteps, but the reverse is true this past year at Cedarville College where senior David Price had the distinction of being ahead of his father in school. Lester Price, 44, left a good job as sales manager for a company in Michigan and moved with his wife, Judy, and three sons to Cedarville. All became involved in music, either vocally or instrumentally. Oldest son David graduated on June 6 with a major in chemistry. An outstanding baritone vocalist and voice student of Dr. Charles Ellington, David placed first in the National Association of Teachers of Singing Com– petition held at Ohio State University in May. Dan, a sophomore music major, is studying voice, piano,and plays comet and trumpet. His younger broth– er, Dean, hopes to attend Cedarville College in two more years. Presently he plays trombone in his high school band. Lester will soon be a junior in music education, and he and his wife have studied voice with Dr. Ellington. Mrs . Price is a secretary at the college. ull Speed Ahead A tractor on the second floor of Williams Hall? Yes, that is what it took to knock down all the interior walls . The upstairs is now one large hall waiting to be renovated into classrooms, offices, and labs. This can be accomplished only as funding becomes available. Meanwhile, downstairs construction will result in new faculty and staff offices. 11