Torch, Summer 1984

Computers: New Tools for Christian Ministries by Dr. Rex M. Rogers E xciting new inventions always create new opportunities for Christian ministries . Today's thriving bus ministries, for example, are linked directly to yesterday's horseless carriages. Internationally effective radio ministries use the wireless to preach the gospel to every creature in a manner unknown to Christians of an earlier time. Even travel to the uttermost part of the earth is now possible in total comfort through the power of flight. Whatever the example, technological inventions bring swift change and very often new means of witness for Christian agencies. The latest ministerial tool may be the microcomputer. Since 1975, the desktop machine has moved from corporate necessity to household word, to 4 practical church office aid. More churches, mission boards, Christian colleges, and parachurch organizations are computerizing with each passing month. And now, well over 100 vendors market software specifically designed for church-related use. Some experts have even predicted that every church, regardless of size, will acquire at least one computer in the next five years . This article identifies several major issues facing these organizations and provides an overview of computerization trends in Christian ministries. The efforts of numerous Christian-based organizations are highlighted in order to develop a panoramic view of computers in Christendom.