Torch, Summer 1987

DRS. WOOD, JOHNSON IN NEW POSTS Dr. Duane Wood will assume the duties of Academic Vice President fall quarter 1987. Replacing Dr. Clifford Johnson, who will become Assistant to the President, Dr. Wood comes to Cedarville from the University of Southern Maine, where he has been Assistant Provost and Professor of Management. He previously served there as Dean of the School of Busi– ness, Economics, and Management. He held teaching and administrative positions at Central Michigan Univer– sity, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, and Indiana University, and was in engineering supervision at Indiana Bell Telephone Company. Dr. Wood holds degrees from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Butler University, and Indiana University. He has published widely in professional journals, has presented numerous papers, and has served as a management consultant for several financial institutions, corporations, and hospitals. Dr. Johnson has served as chief academic officer of Cedarville for 23 of his 25 years at the College. During his tenure, he was instrumental in structuring the teacher education program, in securing accreditation for the College, and in introducing a multitude of programs, the most recent being nursing. Johnson has encouraged study abroad programs and extension courses from the College in other cities. A native of Tacoma, Washington, he is a veteran of World War II and holds degrees from Western Wash– ington State University and the University of Washing– ton. At the 91st commencement exercises on June 6 Cedarville College conferred upon Dr. Johnson the ' Doctor of Humanities degree. "Preacher, Preach My Funeral." Pastor Bill Baker closed his Bible and noted that the clock on his desk indicated five minutes past noon. "Lunchtime," he thought. ''I'm ready ." Then the phone rang. The voice was a familiar one. It belonged to an old friend, a handball partner he had met 1 O years before when he pastored in Dayton, Ohio. ''George, how are you? ' ' Baker asked. The caller blurted, ' ' Preacher, I want you to preach my funeral! '' ''What? ' ' Baker responded. ''George, what's the matter?' ' "Preacher, I've been battling cancer for two years now, and the doctors tell me there's nothing else they can do," said George. "They tell me I've only a short time to live and I've begun to make arrangements... .'' His voice cracked. ''I want you to preach my funeral.'' Baker agreed quickly and tried to give as much comfort as he could before they said goodbye. They had met at the YMCA in Dayton during a handball tournament. In those days George was robust and a pretty good handball player, but the Baptist preacher defeated him in three straight games! Preachers weren ' t supposed to be athletic -- or so George thought. They played more matches afterwards and a friendship quickly developed. A year later George's marriage developed prob– lems. He asked his preacher friend for advice and Baker told him about the best Friend anyone could have -– J~su~ Christ. George asked the Savior to forgive him for his sms and to take control of his life. His wife became a Christian a short time later and their marriage healed. The friends parted when God directed Baker to pastor a church in another state. Two days after Baker agreed to officiate his friend's funeral , the son called to say that his dad had died. Baker was saddened to have lost an old friend. ' 'But He's with Jesus now, his best Friend,'' he thought. And this brought peace to his mind. This story tells of a preacher who lived his Chris– tianity at work and in his play. His friend George is eternally grateful that he did. Friend, do YOU need a Friend? An old hymn proclaims, ' 'What a Friend We Have in Jesus.'' The Bible states, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John 15: 13). "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life' ' (John 3: 16). For more information about how you too can · know this Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ, please contact: Harold Green Vice President for Campus Ministries Cedarville College P.O. Box 601 Cedarville, OH 45314 (513)766-2211 15