Torch, Summer 1987

, Itineraries: Dr. Paul Dixon, President September 6 - Second Baptist Tabernacle , Wilmington , OH (a. m.) *September 13 - Windsor Village Bapti st Church , Indianapolis, JN *September I 9-30th Anniversary Dinner of Washington Heights Baptist Church , Dayton, OH *September 20 - Colonial Baptist Church, New Carli sle, OH (a. m.) *September 27 - Cincinnati Reds/Houston Astros Chapel, Riverfront Stadium , Cincinnati , OH *October 4 - Vision Baptist Church, Jackson, OH *October 11 - First Baptist Church , Elyria , OH *October 29 - ACSJ Ohio/ Kentucky Convention , Columbus, OH *October 30 - November I - Muskoka Baptist Conference , Huntsville, Ontario *November 4 - Dedication Conference, Wealthy Park Baptist Church , Grand Rapids, Ml *November 8 - West Hill Baptist Church, Akron , OH *November 15 - Cedar Hill Baptist Church , Cleveland, OH *December 7,8 - GARBC Counc il of Eighteen meetings, Schaumburg , IL *December 13 - Faith Baptist Church, Amherst, OH *December 28-31 - lnformi ss ions, Cedarville College The Cedarville College TORCH is published quarterly for the alumni and friends of Cedarville College. Comments and requests for reprints should be directed to : Ron Coriell TORCH Managing Editor Cedarville College Box 601 Cedarville. OH 45314 Editor Dr. Martin E. Clark Managing Editor Ron Coriell Associate Editors Martha Baldwin Irene Gidley Judy Johnson Graphics/Photography Martha Baldwin Carol Bliss Lonnie Richards Les Troyer TORCH Vol. 10, No. 2 Summer Issue, 1987 Published by: Cedarville College Box 601 Cedarville, OH 45314 Dr. Paul Dixon, President NO PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS Please Help! Many copies of our TORCH magazine are returned because our readers have moved without notifying us . Then the Postal Service charges hundreds of dollars to send us the new addresses. Would you help by dropping us a line when you move? Thanks for your assistance . 2 CONTENTS: How Do You Spell Relief? R-E-C-R-E-A-T-1-0-N by Dr. Pamela S. Diehl .. .. 4 Dr. Diehl probes the question of what a Christian's attitude toward recreation should be. She suggests that recreation that truly restores and refreshes occurs as we develop the mind of Christ and view every aspect of our lives (including recreation) from God's perspective. Your Personal Recreation Inventory . . . 6 Wonder what to do with all those hours of leisure? Members of the Cedarville College family share 101 ways they recreate. Select some of these ideas for your own enjoyment and for ways to have fun with your friends and family . The Best Vacation You've Ever Had 8 by David R. Mains Although the precise word "vacation" is not used , Rev. Mains shows from the Bible that God is quite interested in such matters. He believes that as we cooperate with the One who first conceived of break times from the work cycle, we will experience restoration to the balance He had in mind when He created us 1 Christian Family Camping ... 12 by R. Eldon Brock If more families could ''come apart' ' for meaningful times together, fewer would ''fall apart'' in family breakups, notes Rev . Brock. Christian camps offer families a great vacation and stand ready to help them in their endeavor to grow in the Lord. Departments: Dr. Paul Dixon · .... 3 The Cedarvi ll e College Family and Our Recreation Pat Dixon .... 10 What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Recreation Campus News . . .. .. .... . ... · · · · · · 14