Torch, Summer 1987

.. Every Christian family needs a time for leisure, for recreation. The pressures and rigors of our earthly journey are eased as we balance these demanding hours with periods of fun , diversion, exercise, and fellowship. All that we do must be to God's honor and glory, as Paul admonished in I Corinthians 10:31. Our recreation and fun times are no different. The Cedarville College family places a major emphasis on extracurricular activities. Since we are a conservative institution of higher education, some think that our college standards limit us from fun experiences and enjoyment. Add to that perception our location as a rural college and some may question: ''What is there to do besides study and go to chapel?" Chapel is required Monday through Friday and the academic load is heavy , but all of this is balanced with numerous student activity opportunities throughout the week and especially on weekends. In fact, our location gives us a major advantage in fulfilling our stated objective: '' To foster the student's appreciation of and participation in wholesome avoca– tional and cultural activities.'' The city of Dayton is within 25 miles of Cedarville; Columbus , the capitol of Ohio, provides a multitude of cultural and recreational opportunities and is only 45 miles from our college; Cincinnati, the Queen City, is 60 miles away and offers King 's Island, the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, and marvelous restaurants. We are in a triangle of interstate highways , 1-70, 1-75, and I- 71 , which gives us easy access to these metropolitan areas. The Cedarville College Family and Our Recreation by Dr. Paul Dixon President, Cedarville College All within ten miles of the College, Massies Creek Gorge, the Williamson Mound Park, John Bryan State Park, and the 75-foot cliffs of Clifton Gorge provide ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation. The beautiful rolling hills and tree-lined roads make for great jogging and cycling. Most of our students, faculty , staff. and adminis– tration choose to take advantage of the numerous opportunities provided on campus . The students have 25 of their own organi zations which offer different activities and fun times. The wide variety of intramural sports promotes needed breaks from the demands of studies for men and women. There are class outings as well as all-school parties, banquets, and get-togethers . Major drama productions are presented each quarter. The annual Artist Series brings to our campus outstanding performers such as Andre-Michel Schub, Nielson and Young, Steve Green, Daniel Majeski, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, and The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club. Fourteen intercollegiate sports provide recreation for not only scores of students who participate but also ~ for the entire college family as Yellow Jacket fans. A home basketball game is an experience to be long remembered with our 70-piece pep band and over 2,000 fans boisterously cheering the Jackets on to victory. Recreation is a vital part of our Cedarville College family . It should be a priority for every Christian family. May our Lord give us direction in choosing activities which not only serve us well, but which also honor Him. 3