Torch, Summer 1987

, YOUR PERSONAL RECREATION INVENTORY Have you ever wondered what to do with all your spare time? The average American has 6,832 hours of non– working time available to him/her per year! Below are 101 suggestions the editors of TORCH collected. Why not inventory your recreation experiences by checking off the ideas you have already tried. As you do, note some new ideas and mark them for future exploration. When you finish you should no longer have the excuse '' I can ' t think of anything to do in my spare time.'' 101 Ways To Recreate In Your Spare Time I've done it Never have I'll 1ry ii! D D D 1. Attend a Christian family camp with your neighbors D D D 2. Play golf with your spouse D D D 3. Walk in the park with a friend D D D 4. Get fast food to go and picnic in the park D D D 5. Walk through malls without your checkbook D D D 6. Go to flea markets with lots of money D D D 7. Ride bicycles to and from Sunday church D D D 8. Canoe to and from a campsite D D D 9. Drive slowly to relatives ' houses without using the interstates D D D 10. Visit friends who live a distance away and camp in their back yard D D D 11. Take up a craft project you ' ve never tried before D D D 12. Take a nap in a raft in your swimming pool D D D 13. Attend a baseball game and get a professional player's signature D D D 14. Trade stamps with a pen pal who lives in another country D D D 15. Read one book per month for a year D D D 16. Have a crossword puzzle party and work on them jointly D D D 17. Invite a conservation official to accompany your family on a hike through a state park D D D 18. Try growing five varieties of plants that you've never grown before in your garden D D D 19. Learn to play racquetball with your spouse or a friend D D D 20. Go to the park and play basketball with whomever is on the court D D D 21. Sightsee by letting your children read the maps and give travel directions D D D 22. Back pack to a place you've never been before D D D 23. Rent motorscooters and ride through the countryside as a family D D D 24. Discover new trails with your motorbike or three-wheelers D D D 25 . Go game hunting....with a camera D D D 26. Make a model ship out of wood using no plans D D D 27. Make wooden knicknacks, paint them as a family , and sell them D D D 28. Reserve one night per week for a family night of games D D D 29. Cross stitch your family tree D D D 30. Learn to keep score as your spouse or friend bowls D D D 31. Rearrange your house while your husband is away D D D 32. Umpire a little league ball game D D D 33 . Organize an outdoor block party for your neighborhood D D D 34. Learn to tole paint D D D 35 . Take a wa lk in the rain with someone D D D 36. Schedule to do anything your child wants to do once a week D D D 37. Invite yourself to help paint your neighbor ' s house D D D 38 . Meet a friend at the lakeside just to talk (Each of you brings a rocking chair) ~ D D D 39. Run in a local marathon D D D 40. Take pictures and enter them in a photo contest D D D 41. Visit a local air show D D D 42. Take a tour of an airport D D D 43 . Ride on an old-fashioned train D D D 44. Make a painting of your house 6