Torch, Winter 1978

14 The Times and the Seasons Pat Landers Dixon The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women . . . . Titus 2:3, 4a Women, we are teachers. Our schools may not be in the red brick building on the comer or on the sprawling college campus in the next town. The places of teaching are in the home, the church and the neighborhood. There are no set hours of 8:00 until 3:00, no vacations and no required undergraduate degrees. But Titus does set forth some very specific certification requirements: • that they be in behaviour as becoming holiness, as worthy of reverence, • that they be not slanderers, • that they be not enslaved to much wine, and • that they be teachers of good or beautiful things. This passage of scripture has been a source of conviction and challenge to my own life. Forweeks, I've studied it, prayed about it and talked about it. Yet, I still have not actuated its teaching. Oh, yes, J'll count myself as one of the "aged women." After all, there is always someone younger than I who needs teaching. We cannot use our chronological ages as an escape from this responsibility. Could it be that our younger women's homes and marriages are not successful because we older women have shirked our duty as teachers to them? I say with a very guilty feeling, "Yes." Where do we start, ladies? I believe the basis for our qualifications as teachers lies in our relationship to the Word of God. Titus says that we are to be "teachers of good things." This could only mean the beautiful truths of the Scriptures. Every woman must believe them for her life's faith , know them for her life's walk and apply them for life's testimony. May we evaluate ourselves in regard to the handling of the Holy Scriptures. We cannot teach what we do not know. As we study and apply the Word to our daily lives, Titus' other biblical requirements will be met. Our life– styles will be demonstrations of holiness. God's precepts will rule our thoughts and guard our tongues. Of course, in our Christian culture we abstain from the use of wine. But is there any habit enslaving us or hindering us from our being well– equipped teachers? May we examine our lives in these areas. Once the certification requirements are met with the Holy Spirit's enablement, we begin our "show and tell" experience. Our life– styles must not negate our teaching. The gospel we live should glorify our Saviour and not be a cause of blasphemy toward Him. May we exemplify Titus' expectations of "aged women." I cannot share with you the teaching methods of this course, for I have not yet formally taught young women in this "Titus-2-way." I pray, by God's grace, that I have demonstrated its truth in my life. My prayer this day is that I may become as the "aged woman" of Titus 2, that I may not stop until a course of study has been organized, that I might involve others in being a part of this teaching, and that His truth living through me might instruct younger women. Will you be a teacher, too? ATTENTION PASTORS Cedarville College has a number of professors who are also ordained. Their academic back– grounds enable them to present God's Word from a variety of perspectives. Contact the Speaker's Bureau through the Development Office , Cedarville College , Cedarville, Ohio 45314.