Torch, Winter 1979

·I I I A non-profit educational institution of Cedarville, Ohio, offers $600,000 in subordinated, debenture bonds series E. DENOMINATIONS: $500, $1,000, & $5,000. MATURITIES: JULY 1, 1986- JULY 1,1993. You May Earn 9f2%or10% On Your Savings Name Address City Birthdates This offering is made by PROSPECTUS ONLY Gifts That Pay Consider a gift that will pay an Income for Life. Benefits : Security Tax Free income Estate Tax reduction Professional money management Christian Stewardship Reduction of Probate expenses Satisfaction and fulfillment State ~--------- Please send me information: D Bonds Prospectus Dwills D Gift Deposit Agreements ______Zip Code D Gift Annuities D Charitable Remainder Trusts Cedarville College Box 601 Cedarville, Ohio 45314 0 15