Torch, Winter 1981

10 The roast beef and mashed potatoes look the same, but somehow they taste even better in the new cafeteria at the renovated College Center. Colorful carpet, live trees, 800 chairs, and beautiful banners R egistration lines seemed longer than usual- and for good reason. At a time when enrollment for private colleges is predicted to be on the decline, Cedarville College is growing against the trend. This fall's record enrollment is 1657 . "Cedarville College has grown 40% in the last three years," stated Dr. Dixon elatedly . "We' re just praising God for His goodness to us." David Ormsbee, Director of Admissions, reports that a 12% increase in applications plus a higher rate of returning students were certainly factors in the college's bright enrollment picture. "Also, the word is getting out about Cedarville," he adds . "People recognize that the excellence we advertise is a reality ." grace the great hall where sweaty athletes once fought hard for conference championships. In addition, there are three portable serving lines, three salad bars, and a completely new dish return and wash area. Coming Events December 2-18 Art Exhibit: "The Common Thread" 13 Oratorio Chorus, Messiah January 10-15 Annual Missionary Conference with Dr. Wendell Kempton 15, 16 Parents ' Weekend 29 Artist Series Diane Bish, Organist February 1-21 Exhibit: "A Photo Portrait of Ohio" 16-18 Staley Foundation Lectureship with Professor James Bjornstad 19 Artist Series Charles Postlewate, Guitarist 24-March 24 IBM Exhibit: "Leonardo da Vinci" March 5,6 Free Enterprise Conference 5,6 High School Band Conference 22-26 Spring Enrichment Conference with Dr. David Jeremiah