Torch, Winter 1981

C edarville College held its first Convocation October 1, 1981. A convocation is "a gathering," and this service was held to kick off the new 1981-82 academic year. All the faculty and administrators were present in full academic regalia, and Fall Bible Conference speaker, Dr. Fred Brown, addressed the student body. In the photo above, Chancellor James T. gives the invocation . Dr. Dixon has not always enjoyed dressing up for "It's a dream come true." "This place is the classiest gym in the conference ." "It's one of the finest private college athletic facilities in the country-the best in Ohio ." These comments and more are indicative of the way students feel about Cedarville's new Athletic Center that was dedicated at Homecoming, October 17, 1981. The 67 ,000 square-foot facility dwarfs nearby dorms. It offers space for the physical education department, the yet-to-be-completed student center, and athletic areas for both intramural and intercollegiate sports. Athletic Director Don Callan states that the completion of the Center " .. .is a key to the such occasions . "I used to really dislike putting on that mortarboard and robe at the many commencements that I addressed annually . But in the years that I have been at Cedarville College as president, I've grown to love it. At these special occasions when I stand before a graduating class or the entire student body as at our first Convocation, I can't help but be impressed with the potential for Christ embodied in all these young people ." accomplishment of a major goal we have at Cedarville: educating the whole person. This new facility gives us the thrust that we need to minister to students in the physical realm." In addition, Dr. Callan believes that the Center will make possible more simultaneous activities . "The largeness of our facility will allow basketball, volleyball, racquetball, weight-lifting, badminton, and jogging to be enjoyed all at once . This was simply not possible in our old gym ." The college basketball team won the NAIA District 22 championship last year and often played to standing– room-only crowds. The new center should help ease the seating squeeze . There will be seating for about 2000 with potential for more in years to come . 11