Torch, Winter 1981

Free Enterprise and Cedarville College by Dr. Paul Dixon, President C hristianity, free enterprise, and the Constitution of the United States have in common the worth and importance of the individual. In contrast, socialism, communism, and Marxism declare that it is the state or community, not individual liberty, that is important. For more than 200 years, men and women have enjoyed the opportunity of living in this free country. Since the American Revolution, individual creativity, drive, and investment have produced a system known as the free market or free enterprise- a system that surpasses all other economic systems known throughout history. Webster's dictionary states that free enterprise is "the economic doctrine or practice of permitting private industry to operate under freely competitive conditions with a minimum of government control." Because of this free enterprise system, four million American farmers produce food for 225 million Americans with enough left over to export around the world. By contrast, 34 million Russian farmers cannot meet their own national food needs and must tum to America for help. One of our great sources of strength in this land has been the individual's freedom to support himself and his family. This has been fostered within the competitive marketplace which welcomes all who choose to enter. Americans have been enabled to enjoy the highest standard of living in the world . Through this system we have constructed churches , schools, hospitals, and homes that are incomparable to those in any other nation. In addition, we have been able to greatly increase the life expectancy of our people . Cedarville College is committed to the principle of free enterprise. It is taught in the classrooms. Students In Free Enterprise is a major activity of Kappa Epsilon Alpha, our business club . Through S.I.F.E ., our students promote free enterprise in many ways on campus and in area high schools. Perhaps the intensity of our conviction is most evident in the refusal to accept or solicit government funding for the operation of our college or construction of buildings . Our position, however, is not primarily based upon the fact that free enterprise works and is overwhelmingly successful. Rather, at Cedarville we believe the concept is Biblical. That God made man in His own image (Genesis 1:26) succinctly expresses the great worth that we are in the sight of our Creator. Even more clearly, He proclaimed that worth when He provided redemption and reconciliation through His very own Son on the cross. Surely we are of great worth and value to God, to ourselves, and to others . Let us not take for granted the free enterprise system and those benefits we have come to enjoy through it. Let us thank God that we live in a country where free enterprise is practiced . We must not only value it, but do all we can to promote it.