Torch, Winter 1981

1888-1969 Robert G. LeTourneau: Hero of the Faith R obert G. LeTourneau exemplifies what God can accomplish with a committed Christian businessman ·whom He prospers through the free enterprise system. As a result of his engineering genius and pioneering welding methods, Mr. LeTourneau became an inventor and manufacturer of great earthmoving machinery. This enterprise brought him wealth and fame. But for Robert LeTourneau, God was first. He often said, "If you are not serving the Lord, it proves that you do not love Him. If you do not love Him, it proves that you do not know Him. Because to know Him is to love Him, and to love Him is to serve Him. Robert LeToumeau put 90% of his company's stock along with the dividends into a private foundation through which he supported a variety of Christian causes. He and his wife founded LeToumeau College, a four-year Christian college of arts and sciences, engineering and technology in Longview, Texas. They were ten feet two inches high, five feet wide, and 72 ply . Such were the tires for LeToumeau's big ma– chines . R. G. LeToumeau not only drew the plans with his en– gineers, but he also worked with them on the produc– tion of his machinery . For 30 years he traveled the world at his own expense in his own airplane witnessing for Jesus Christ. He re– fused to accept honorariums . 7