Torch, Winter 1987

(Christlike in Word and Deed) H ow can I describe her? A student of the Word. One who adorned the doctrine of God. Christlike in word and deed. A woman who prayed consistently, earnestly, out of a pure heart. A faithful steward of God's gifts. One who enjoyed humor and laughter. An encourager. A friend. Who was she? She was my high school Sunday school teacher. Ruth Underwood was a former high school geome– try teacher, a wife, homemaker, and mother who was saved in her late twenties. She was asked to teach a Sunday school class and was overwhelmed by her inadequacy. Recalling the experience, she said, "I went before God and told Him I didn't know how to teach others His Word, but that if this was His task for me, He would have to teach me to teach." Each morning after her husband left for work and her son for school, the kitchen table became a holy place where time was spent in prayer and study. Over the years she developed a good library of Bible study helps. God used her to influence many who are now in some aspect of Christian ministry. When I entered her class after attending liberal churches during my younger years, I was impressed that this teacher really knew the Bible. And she seemed to know God, not just talk about Him. My previous church had not brought any understanding of personal sin. But after two months in Mrs. Underwood's class, I was acutely aware that I was a lost sinner. God's Holy Spirit by Jean Fisher had used this quiet, unassuming woman to bring me under conviction of sin. When I responded to the invitation after a morning service, it was Mrs. Underwood who led me to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Approximately 20 years later, Mrs. Underwood came to live with me while she worked in the college post office. Early in the morning I would hear her pouring out her love and petitions to God. I counted myself blessed to have been prayed for by this godly friend. She is with the Lord now. I praise God for her faithful life and for her challenge to be like Christ. Friend, perhaps some godly person has told you about Jesus Christ - the One who died in your place for your sin, the One who can give you new life and can enable you to live in a godly manner. The Bible states, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 6:23). For more information about how you can know Christ as your Savior, please contact: Harold Green Vice President for Campus Ministries Cedarville College P.O. Box 601 Cedarville, OH 45314 (513)766-2211 11