1917 Cedrus Yearbook

19 Alumni 17 "See how far that little candle throws its beams, So shines a good deed in a naughty world." A LTHO Cedarville College is small, her deeds and her influence are World- wide. In looking over the list of alumni we find that they are found in many states of our nation; they are found in Nova Scotia, India, Africa, China, and one of precious memory lies buried in Japan; they occupy places of responsibility wherever they are; and they carry with them the Christian character and training they have gained in Cedarville College. Cedarville College is as a little candle in a big world and yet her light encircles the globe. We have listed the alumni according to the professions and occupations which they have entered, in order that those who read may know just what Cedarville has done to supply the constant demand for trained men of sound character. Professors and Teachers: C.C. Morton,'97; Cornelius B. Collins,'99; Isabelle M. Winter,'99; Cora A. Anderson,'00; J. R. Harper,'00; Bertha L. Knott,'00; G.A.Harper,'01; Vera Andrew,'03; Agnes K.Stormont,'03; S. C. Wright,'03; Lillian L. Connor, '04; J. R. Fitzpatrick, '04; Carrie M. Rife, '04; Frank H. Young,'04; J. E.Shaw,'06; Caroline Finney,'08; Elmer G.Spahr,'08; Mrs. Ada Clow,'10; R.Fred Bird,'10; Alberta Creswell,'10; Della M.McCann,'10; Ethel I. McMillan,'10; Frank M.Reynolds,'11; J.0.Stewart,'11; Bertha A.Stormont '11; Florence J. Williamson,'11; Martha M.Anderson,'12; Bertha I. Anderson, '13; Nancy E. Finney,'14; Hazel V. Lowry,'14; Grace Morton,'14; Harry F. Bird,'15; R.C. Burns,'15; Cameron M.Ross,'15; Wilmah Spencer,'15; W.D. Sterrett, '15; David C. Bradfute, 16; J. Merle Rife,'16; Carey P. Ritchie,'16; Orland M. Ritchie, '16; G. F. Siegler, '16; Ada F. Wallace, '16. Preachers: John W.Bickett,'97; Raymond P.Gorbold,'97; Homer McMillan '97; J. Alvin Orr,'97; James M. McQuilkin,'98; James Heron,'99; Thomas R. Turner,'99; Walter A. Condon,'00; W.Wallace Iliffe,'00; B. McLeod Paul,'00; Clarence A.Young,'00; Robert C. Galbreath,'01; Robert B. Wilson,'01; Homer B. Henderson, '02; John J. Wilson, '03; William A. Pollock, '04; William R. Graham,'05; Milton G.Hanna,'05; Walter W.Morton,'06; Clarence G. Ware, '07; William Hawthorne, '09; Ernest B. McClellan, '09; William Waide, '09; David J. Brigham,'10; Andrew S. Creswell,'10; William W.Ritter,'10; Edward B.Shaw,'10; Robert W.Ustick,'11; Walter P.Harriman,'12; S. Ernest Foster, '13; Wendell F. Foster, '13; Thomas Whyte, '14. Physicians: Elmer A. Elder, '98; John Cecil George,'01; 'John M.Finney, '03; Claude B. Estle, '06; George C. Stewart, '07; Charles L. Baskin, '07. Lawyers: John F. Anderson,'01; J. Frederick Barber,'04; Joseph A.Finney, '06; J. Carl Marshall.'07; Leroy T. Marshall,'07; J. Kenneth Williamson,'10. Missionaries: Raymond P. Gorbold, '97; Kioto, Japan,(Deceased). Miss Alfaretta Hammond, '03, Beni Suef, Egypt; Mr. William Waide, '09, Roorkee, India; Wilhelmina (Mitray) Lanning, '12, Teng Chow Fu, China. Lack of time and space make it impossible to list the names of those who have entered some of the less public walks of life. However, altho they may not have their names listed here, altho they are not quite so conspicuous to the public, yet they are known. They are fillingtheir places well and Cedarville is justly proud of her alumni. 67