1917 Cedrus Yearbook

19 17 "The Cedrus" T illti year will be the third year for the publication of the"Cedrus,"it being started in the year 1915, the aim being to continue it throughout the succeeding years. Previous to the year 1915 there were three other annuals issued by the students of the college. They were "The Imago," 1917, "Memorabilia," 1903,and the "Gavelyte," 1911. We sincerely hope that "The Cedrus" now having been well started.willbe able to continue through time immemorial. "The Catalogue" T N this publication is outlined clearly the entire work offered by Cedarville College—The Preparatory Department, The Main College Department, The Seminary,and The Summer School. This publication is very useful and a great aid to prospective students. 80