1917 Cedrus Yearbook

19 Board of Trustees 17 1. Rev. William R. Graham, A. B., '05, President 2. Rev. J. L. Chesnut, D. D., Secretary 3. Rev. Homer McMillan, D. D. 4. Rev. David McKinney, D. D., L. L. D., A. B., '97 5. Joseph A. Finney, A. B., '06 6. Rev. W.R. McChesney,Ph. D.,D. D. 7. J. H.Stormont * 8. 0. E. Bradfute, First Vice President 9. Prof. S. C. Wright, A. B., '03 10. Prof. Frank A. Jurkat, A. M., Treasurer 11. James H. Creswell • 12. Nathan L. Ramsey, Second Vice President *Died October 23, 1916 Women's Advisory Board B EAUTEFUL surroundings inspire one to think beautiful thoughts. This is what the Women's Advisory Board had in mind, when it organized in 1910. During the seven years of its existence, it has done much in beautifying the interior of. College Hall. We feel that few organizations have contributed more to the welfare of the college than the Women's Advisory Board. 9