1924 Cedrus Yearbook

The CEDRUS 1924 Cedarville Theological Seminary ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Cedarville Seminary is a term revered by all who know its true worth. It would be futile to attempt in this limited space a systematic analysis of its compre- hensive work. We all seem to have the tendency at times of desiring deeper spir- itual insight into the things of spiritual discernment, but we do not always know the preferable trend of investigation to secure this desired information. This our Seminary strives to supply. Cedarville Theological Seminary has chosen a distinctive channel of activity, and in abbreviating that plan we would sum up the kernel into one comprehensive whole: we believe there is a possibility of the loving and true God as revealed in Jesus Christ. To provide the means of laying hold of this possibility is the function of our Seminary. Sometimes under its tutelage we are led into the field of pro- found scientific investigation; sometimes into the realm of reconstructing the thought of former divines; again into the mental struggle of translating from the original the thoughts of the Patriarchs, or Apostles of Jesus. All this we count joy, to be able to say: we know not all, but a little more and with it to realize that to know more is to love more. We have a staff of professors of which we are justly proud; Dr. W.R. Mc- Chesney, Dean, associated with him, Dr. F. A. Jurkat, Rev. B. E. Robison, Rev. W. P. Harriman. These men are all of high character and intellect. To any who may read and be considering the course we take special delight, after five years personal experience, in recommending Cedarville Theological Sem- inary as sound, scholarly, spiritual, and profoundly interested in the work of the Kingdom. //i9 h • /OW IA" — - _ .......................01.1.111.................••••••.0.•••••••••••••••••••••• ••••....• N.M./MP G. S. R. ymt, _z44.•%%V •sa uifjp - • ripf Forty-elx