1935 Cedrus Yearbook

SENIOR HISTORY President Carl Ferguson Vice President Paul Rife Secretary Carma Hostetler Treasurer Luella Robe In the fall of that famous year of 1931, Cedarville College was blessed by the entrance of thirty-two young lads and lasses to prepare themselves for the hazardous trip through four years of preparation. With "Bob" Harriman on the bridge, we pulled away with a certain sense of "cock-sureness" only to have many hard trials knock the wind out of our sails. One setback which rankles deep within us was the soaking we received at the famous whirlpool of Willow Bend. However, we managed to "right" the ship and sail away with full sails. As we sailed into the course of 1932-33 we saw the Freshmen "towed under" in the same whirlpool of Willow Bend, but they too seemed to come up with sails set. All classes have not been as lucky, however. During this school year we ran our course under the guidance of "Art" Donaldson with a crew of 26 weather-beaten souls. We attempted to break in a group of Freshmen and pass on to them some of the suffering which we survived at the hands of the Sophomores of '31-32. How successful we were, only time can tell. It was a very pleasant journey, containing many memorable and varied events in which we all had a share. At the call of 1933-34 we started our journey with Cap'n "Stew" Kitchen at the helm, only to have him drop out, leaving us without a leader. "Bill" McCollister, first mate, took the vacated position. Again we were stranded with no master aboard when he, too, left school at the end of the first semester. Carl Ferguson was then commissioned as our Captain & Pilot who safely pulled us through. Our program during this year contained one very interesting event for us when "Blarney Street," our class play, was presented. At the beginning of our Senior year, we, as dignified personages should do, took on for a time the character of superior intellects among the common rabble. Soon, however, school activities bore down and again we were mere sailors with only a year's experience over the others. Our dignity seems to have vanished, but we hope it returns ere our course is run. Page twenty-one