1935 Cedrus Yearbook

JUNIOR HISTORY President Russell Murray Vice President Wilma Chenoweth Secretary Anna Jane Wham Treasurer Donald Burkert Amid the cheers and last-minute warnings of parents and friends, the class of 35 took to the air and began our flight through the atmospheric elements of college life. The first year was one of rugged sailing. Soon after the take-off our entire squadron, headed by William Reed, hit an air-pocket, and the dignity of each pilot dropped quite a few degrees. Each managed to right his plane and reach the first lap of the flight with flying colors. Under the leadership of Errol MacKnight our squadron undertook the second lap of the journey. Our ranks now diminished from thirty-seven to twenty-six. To offset the loss, more "gas" was needed. New pilots joined the ranks. Under the Commander's orders to "give her the gun'' the fleet branched out into all the realms of college activities: basketball, baseball, tennis, debate, chorus. The flying was not quite so rugged, air-pockets being less often encountered. With record achieve- ment the first half of the flight became a mere memory. With Russell Murray Commander-in-Chief, our squadron is now flying in forma- tion. The ranks have shrunk to the quantity of twenty. Each pilot is gallantly bearing the colors. To the success of "Shirt Sleeves," our class play, demands that we keep in formation. The big air event of the year will be the traditional ''Junior-Senior Banquet." Next year our squadron will take off for the last lap of the journey. We hope that we shall suffer no more forced landings, but that all twenty of our pilots may participate in the renown of a successful flight. Page twenty-four