1935 Cedrus Yearbook

First row, left to right: Laybourne, Cross, Brock, Guthrie, Hoke, N. May, Beard, Fisher, E. Robe. Second row: Kimble, M. Creswell, Stine, Vietor, Skinnell, Anderson, E. Waddle, Ritenour. Third row: H. Wallace, J. Waddle, Angell, Gray, Potee, Glass, Tobias, Ross, Richards, West, E. Corry. Fourth row: Tobin, Grube. CLASS OFFICERS Edwin Potee, President Dorothy Anderson, Treasurer Ruth Kimble, Secretary John Tobias, Vice President SOPHOMORE HISTORY In the fall of '33, forty Freshmen began thir journey through the (be)wilderness of knowledge. As a guide we chose John Richards. It was not long until we had blazed new trails and followed old ones. After a nine months trip we emerged into civilization (vacation), feeling as though a suc- cessful journey had been made, havingcontributed to athletic and scholastic organizations. Last Fall we picked up our packs (studies) and started forward. Several members of the party did not return, hav- ing joined other expeditions. As guide, Edwin Potee was chosen and led us through another successful year. Again, we contributed much to school life. We are sorry that as we start on our third journey sev- eral of our members will not be with us, as they have finished their explorations, and others have forged ahead to join the party preceding us. Their help will be greatly missed.