1935 Cedrus Yearbook

First row, left to right: Hoke, Gillespie, McCorkell, E. Reed, Anderson, Haughey, H. Shaw, Michael, Cummings, Brigham. Second row: Haines, Johnston, Biggs, Hageman, Pleasant, E. Bennett, R. Creswell, Fudge, E. Brill, McDorman. Third row: J. Reed, MacKnight, K. Miller, McKibben, Batdorf, Porter, Clouser, Dunevant, Bryant, McKenzie, Kline, Allison, Mossman, Long, B. Wallace. Fourth row: Jones, Nelson, Wilson, Olinger, E. May, Alexander, Post, H. Miller. Fifth row: Sinks, King, Sanderson, F. Jones, Waddle, B. Shaw. FRESHMAN CLASS On September 5, fifty green, inexperienced Freshmen en- tered Cedarville College. The upper classmen cordially greeted us by making us wear green hair ribbons and fish in buckets on Main Street. The Freshman Class assembled for the first time as a group on September 13 to elect officers. Those chosen were: President, James Anderson; Vice Presi- dent, Eugene Reed; Secretary, Christina Jones; Treasurer, Eu- gene Haughey. The freshmen held their first feed, which was not very successful, at Anderson's. We determined to have a successful feed, so we secretly planned one to be held at Joe Long's on October 4. Our plans were so secret that the upper classmen arrived before we did. But our determination was not in vain, for March 18, the Freshmen congregated at the Gun Club for the first successful feed of the year. So, the freshmen of 1935 feel they have reached their goal. CLASS OFFICERS James Anderson, President Christina Jones, Secretary Eugene Reed, Vice President . Eugene Haughey, Treasurer