1935 Cedrus Yearbook

First row, left to right: Cultice McLaughlin, Rife, Linton, Tindall, Christian, W. Waddle, Hostetler, M. Bennett, N. May, Cross. Second row: Trubee, Bull, Chenoweth, L. Robe, M. Creswell, Vietor, Ferguson, Taylor, Mount, Dean, Hoke, Beard, Collette, Probasco. Third row: Guthrie, Harriman, Copeland, Gray, Potee, M. Waddle, Brock, Laybourne, Stine, Donaldson. PRACTICE TEACHERS During the past year those who are in the normal department have been striving to reach the goal of efficient teaching. This lofty aim is attained only by much per- sistence. The graduates who have made a success in the teaching field realize that they owe a lot to the instructor and the instruction that they have received during their stay here in college. The existence of the normal department is due to the untiring efforts of Professor Hostetler to maintain worthy teaching standards. The elementary division of the normal department has been aided by the advice and counsel of Mrs. Helen Jacobs. She has given influence by the high ideals that she has set up. SPECIAL STUDENTS In addition to the regular student body this year, there were several special students attending college. Several who graduated from the school last year are completing ono:her full year's course, while several others are doing part time work. Special students whose photographs do not appear here are Homer Murray and those taking work by extension. Cultice Rev. Williams Pyles Page twenty-eight James Elsie McLaughlin P. McLaughlin