1935 Cedrus Yearbook

CEDRUS STAFF In the production of any annual there are always the rough and smooth places over which the staff must journey. This year's staff has been very successful in scaling the rough places and gliding over the smooth. It has been a lot of work to produce this book as you see it in its present form. It has required work which seemed end- less, yet it has been valuable to us all. There have been hours spent in telephoning, talking to salesmen, writing business letters, signincgontracts, taking pictures, editing write-ups, and what not, yet each member of the staff was willing and eager to do whatever he might to help the cause. It has been through the faithful cooperation of all that this book has been published. While the staff is credited with the editing of the book we must not forget those who have helped us by turning in write-ups, snapshots, and the necessary in- formation that was needed. We, the Cedrus Staff, extend our thanks to Professor Kuehrmann, our faculty adviser, the business men whose ads have helped make this book possible, those who helped us type the dummy, and ihe students and friends who have showed so much interest in this publication. First row: Tindall, Bull, Ritenour, Burkert, Hostetler, M. Waddle. Second row: Prof. Kuehrmann, Murray, Chenoweth, L. Robe, Mount, Donaldson, West, E. Corry. Page thirty-two