1935 Cedrus Yearbook

Seated: Burkert, H. Wallace, Mrs. Ault, Dean Steele, J. Anderson, L. Robe. Standing: Trubee, Michael, West. DEBATE Upon entering the fourth year of intercollegiate debating Cedarville College found those wishing to debate numbering seven. In this group were: Affirmative— L. Robe, J. Anderson, and J. West. Negative—D. Burkert, H. Wallace, and F. Trubee, with M. Michael as alternative. The question these teams were debating was: Resolved, That All Nations Should Agree to Prevent the International Shipment of Arms and Munitions. Mrs. J. W.Ault acted as coach of the squads, and Professor Steele as manager. Previous to the North Manchester Debate Convention each squad had met one team and each had scored a victory. The Cedarville teams entered the tournament in Class A, winning five out of ten debates. Among the colleges and universities that we met were: Manchester, Loyola, Western State, Capital, Battle Creek, and Wayne. After returning fromthe tournament each team met Xavier University of Cin- cinnati—the Affirmative losing and the Negative winning. Perhaps the most in- teresting event of the season took place when the Negative team met Dayton Uni- versity in a non-decision radio debate over Station WHIO in Dayton. On the same afternoon the Affirmative met Dayton University in a non-decision debate at Julienne High School in Dayton. Only two of the debaters, L. Robe and F. Trubee, will graduate this year. This leaves four debaters to start with next year to which it is hoped several more may be added. May next season be as successful as this one of 1934-35 has been! Page forty