1935 Cedrus Yearbook

Anderson, Cultice, Beuhler, Trubee. WHISPERING CEDARS Due to the efforts of many loyal Cedarvillians, the school paper was revived last year and given the name "Whispering Cedars." Attempt was made this year to show true college life with its victories and defeats. As the year draws to a close we hope that we have made some heart happier, righted some wrong, or helped someone to live better. For after all we do not live by bread alone but by associations direct and indirect. The staff for this year was com- posed of Lois Cultice, editor; James Anderson business manager; Donald Beuhler, sports editor; John Gillespie and Franklin Trubee, features editors. WOMEN'S ADVISORY BOARD When there is a need for some change or improvement about the college there is one group of faithful women who are willing to lend their help, the Women's Advisory Board. During May, 1934, the women provided the needed amount to have the office redecorated. We now have one of the finest equipped offices of any small school. During the past year the women have served two bounteous banquets, the Homecoming and Alumni. The manner in which those present at these banquets ate shows that the Women's Advisory Board can prepare a delicious meal. We sincerely thank them for all the help they have given the college in the past. First row: Clemans, Iliff, Stormont, McChesney, Oglesbee, Elias, Hartman. Second row: Richards, Dobbins, McMillian, Townsley, Johnson, Hostetler, Kuehrmann, Steele, Auld, Wright. Page forty-two