1935 Cedrus Yearbook

A WORD FROM THE COACH Athletics is but one branch of a larger group of activities which we call physical education. Of the different branches, however, athletics receives the most atten- tion from the public and consequently, from that point of view overshadows the rest of the program. The objectives of physical education are quite varied, but in athletics we find an opportunity to develop character, skill, and perseverance under the stress of competition. To develop our skill and endurance to as great a degree as possible, to play the game fairly, to win without bragging, and lose with good grace; these are the objectives which we strive to attain. I take great pride in dealing with the athletic teams of this college, not because of their victories but because of their spirit and type of play. Each man on the team, no matter what sport you may pick, is willing to do and give the best that is in him. Nowhere in the state of Ohio will you find a cleaner group of athletes than you will find in Cedarville College. We have no boys going here to school just to play in sports, for all of our athletes are as keen in the classroom as on the basket- ball floor or baseball diamond. Although this year has not been so glorious for victories as in the past, the boys have not lost their spirit. They are all eager to play the game not for the praise they may receive but because they love it. Page fifty-four