1935 Cedrus Yearbook

FEATURES OF 1934 1935 FRESHMAN WEEK Green hair ribbons, dangling ear-rings, aprons, dripping boys, and people walking about backwards—what does all this mean? It means that its ''Freshman Week" at Cedarville College. It was rather hard on the freshmen to answer the requests of the upper-classmen, especially when those dignitaries demanded that the girls neither have dates nor use ''make-up" for a whole week. Although we seemed to put up an awful fuss about doing the demands of the upper-classmen, we really did have a good time after all. It was amusing to see a boy walking down the street carrying a bucket loaded with books, and his pant legs rolled up to his knees. It was probably amusing to the boys to see us girls wearing "pig-tails" down our backs, wearing one low heel and one high heeled shoe at the same time, and one stocking and an anklet. No doubt the whole town was amused when we were requested to take an empty bucket, a pole and string, and sit on the curb and fish saying all the time the verse about "Simple Simon." Had a visitor dropped into town at that very moment he would have thought this a very unusual college housing a few with low I. Q's. The climax of the week came with the tug-of-war at Willow Bend, between the Freshman and Sophomore boys. The losers, the Freshmen, went splashing amid the groans of the Freshman class and the delighted shouts of the upper-classmen. M. E. CHURCH PARTY Tuesday night, September 25, the college students and faculty members as- sembled at the Methodist Church. The young people of the Epworth League had a fine array of games which kept all the guests entertained for several hours. New friendships were struck up and those which had been developing for the last twenty days ,bloomed forth in all their glory. "Many thanks" should be given to the hard working Leaguers for this pleasant social event. Y. MIXER Before the school year had progressed very far the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A. joined forces in giving the Y. Mixer in order that students new and old, as well as the faculty, might become better acquainted. Various games and stunts were played, such as nicknaming any given individual by writing your choice of nomenclature on a slip of paper pinned to his back. After all had gathered round the punch bowl and partook of fruit punch and cakes, the mixer was over, leaving each better acquainted with the other. Page fifty-seven