1935 Cedrus Yearbook

CEDARVILLE COLLEGE GET A COLLEGE TRAINING The times demand it. The results justify it. COME TO CEDARVILLE COLLEGE The location is healthful and beautiful. The opportunities are fine and inspiring. The courses are complete and modern. The influences are safe and helpful. The expenses are lower than at many other places. The students are possessed of high ideals and practice them. The Faculty is experienced and thoroughly trained. THE COLLEGE is recognized by the Department of Public Education of the State of Ohio, and by the lead- ing universities. IN CEDARVILLE COLLEGE you can get preparation for any pursuit in life. A large Freshman class isto enroll in September. The prospects for a record-breaking attendance are splendid. A fine place for Summer School, two sessions, June 10 July 13, and July I5-August 17, 1935. FORTY-FIRST YEAR OPENS SEPTEMBER I I, 1935 For catalogue and further particulars, address W. R. McCHESNEY, Ph. D., D. D., PRESIDENT CEDARVILLE, OHIO Page sixty-seven