1949 Cedrus Yearbook

Left to Right: Jay Check, Kenneth Huffman, Kathleen Evans, John Townsley, Paul Begley,Harmon Lurn,Eleanor Weismuller, Carrie Cullom, Dillard Mar- cum, James Rowe. Student Council The Student Councilis one of the most essential organizations on the campus. Each year a number of worthwhile projects and activities are sponsored by the group. Many of the events that contributed to the success of Homecoming Day were dir- ectedbythe Council. Another responsibility assumed by the group during the past year was the presentation of several convocation programs. Students participated in some ofthem;in othersthere were speakers invited bythe Council. It also organized a Clean- up Day during the first semester. There are twelve members of the Student Council.Two representatives from each class are elected at the beginning of each year. The vice-president of each class is also a member of the Council. During the past school year James Rowe served as president. 17