1971 Miracle Yearbook

"To make Christknown" Missionary Conference, Retreatfrom the cares, Advance to our God, A time ofrefreshment and growth; Spurlock, Kettenring,Armstrong, Adams,Toro— Wefound they were more thanjust names, They're real people like you and me. The comic side — Coke on the head, The serious side — Rioting souls on our campuses, Provision by God through a garage sale, The changing offields, A single,faithful veteran to Niger, Call for reinforcements, Deputation work, Raising ofmoney— We heard them all. A bible school in Jamacia, A fainting soul in Australia, Door to be opened . If only we'll push; God speaking, hearts listening, Challenge to win the teeming millions; Challenge to save one,just one Right around Cedarville . .. Whatdid the conference mean to you? 70