1977 Miracle Yearbook

Spirit Leaders Boost Teams The Yellowjackets basketball and soccer teams receive an extra boost of enthusiasm from Cedarville's cheerleading squads. Cedarville has two such squads, consisting of Varsity and Junior Varsity cheer- leaders. Each group participates in promoting school spirit during the games. These squads give women opportunities to use their talents, and to be a witness for Christ to competitor schools. 1. During a time out,the cheerleaders form a pyramid. 2. Rhonda Young coaxes the crowd to stand and get into the "spirit of things". 3. A new member ofthis year's squad,Judy Henson, cheers the Jackets on to victory. 4. Another new face on the Varsity is Joyce Klamm. 5. Andy MacDermaid encourages the crowd to have school spirit. 6. Becky Seldon claps in time to the cheer. 7. During a tense moment, Ruth Sprague tries to cheer up the crowd. 8. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Joyce Klamm,Andy MacDermaid,Ruth Sprague, Becky Seldon, Rhonda Young, Judy Hen- son. 9. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Darlene Tillson, Barb Adams,Amy Young, Kim Smith, Judy Brown. 103