2016 Miracle Yearbook

01 02 03 04 05 The team celebrate another G-MAC win. Pitcher Morgan Arboga t prepare to take on batter . icole Davi protect her ground at third ba e. Catcher Kaitlyn Woerner i behind the di h again t Ohio Valley Elys a Reye tand in the batter' box, waitng for her pitch. oftb 11 .. ed. 1 ,·ille h.1-, bett red me .-1s .m .ithlete by te.1 hrng me wh,lt ,1 ~trong od th1 lo hk . B ing d :h- t d tu v, oil 011 :ou1 .,hlh .rnd putting 1ime mto out -,put h.1 l ti nit "h m.1 l m .1 b tt 1 .1thl " t . It I o ho, n me thJt nu 111atte1 how well we do, Wt °"" .111 the gl 1 \ to hri t \X h 1, th .1bilit, to d Jt , I >b · JU of him, .111d on ul u, muttos ,l') .1 te.1m i l, uh n of n "