2019 Miracle Yearbook

Cheerleaders The cheerleading team faced some unexpected losses this school year when several members left the team and the squad shrank- a big struggle in cheer, where every member is required to accomplish their stunts. Due to this change, they had to rearrange all of their group mounts and stunts, but they tackled the challenge with ambition, renewing the old stunts and adding some new ones. "One of my favorite parts about cheering this year was our small but mighty team," Kori Beal said. "The remaining teammates were so enthusiastic and committed to making it a great year that we were actually able to try some mounts that we had never imagined. Two of our seniors are graduating this year, but they left us knowing that no matter what size our team is, we can do great things." I I I I I I I J I r----------.- r- - - - - - - --- l: The cheerleading squad executes c. tabletop I ,.t during a time out. 2: Courtney Eppard cheers on , 1 basketball player as he shoots a free throw. 3: The cheerleading squad performs a double table top. 4: Evan Hunnemeyer cheers on the basketball ream. 5: Aaron Johnston and Kori Beal perform the "whoo h, CU" cheer ofter free throw shot. 6: Kori Beal does a dance on the sideline r:Juring time out.