Marketing Messaging Map

CEDARVI LLE UNIVERS I TY BRAND MESSAG I NG - SPR I NG 2022 BRAND POSITION Cedarville University offers a transformative educational experience grounded in the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ so that students live their life intentionally, excelling in their vocation, serving their family and church, and making an impact for Christ in all they do. BRAND TONE INSPIRATIONAL / SUPPORTIVE / PURPOSEFUL / BOLD EVERY GIFT MATTERS You help us make the roughly 1,000 transformative days that the majority of our students spend at Cedarville possible, so they are prepared for a life lived with intention and focus to impact the world for the cause of Christ in their careers, their communities, and their churches. ADVANCEMENT EVERY DAY MATTERS The work students are intentional about putting in now gives them a head start on their 1000 days at Cedarville. High school students can earn early college credit in an environment that honors Christ and encourages them to seek God’s plan for their lives. DUAL ENROLLMENT EVERY DAY MATTERS Each one of the 1000 days you spend here has meaning. Days that will define your faith, inform your career decisions, teach you who you are, and allow you to boldly grow into the person God has created you to be. UNDERGRAD EVERY CHOICE MATTERS The decisions you make in your life and career are consequential. Choose a graduate school that will equip you with the professional skills and biblical foundation you need to serve and lead with excellence. GRADUATE HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE MATTERS Your transformation toward Christ- likeness continues beyond Cedarville as you live purposefully, impacting your world for Christ. ALUMNI BRAND SEGMENT STATEMENTS BRAND PILLARS LEADING WITH A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW Scripture is the foundation for every academic discipline. You aren’t just learning skills and gaining knowledge, you’re challenged to live for Christ. ACADEMIC PROGRAMS THAT ARE RESPECTED AND SUPPORTIVE Faculty inspire excellence and help you achieve it. Classes are challenging and equip you to think critically and prepare for a successful career. VIBRANT CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY JOYFULLY LIVING FOR GOD’S GLORY As believers, we build lifelong friendships, mentor and disciple one another, celebrate the opportunity to learn in community, and live out the joy and freedom of a genuine walk with Christ.